Microsoft highlight five new Paint 3D features

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If you’ve been keeping up with the news, you’ll know that Microsoft Paint is getting a major makeover into Paint 3D.

Announced in New York City last week, Paint 3D is paving the way in the Fast Ring towards the highly anticipated Creators Update coming next spring. The Windows 10 blog post today continued to ride the hype as it revealed five highlights of the revamp.

For those using Paint 3D, they’ll find the ability to create their 3D images easy. They’ll be able to use their 2D pictures to pop out into virtual space or even utilize the Capture 3D app coming to Windows Phone ‘soon’. If they don’t have their models or objects to play with, they can easily download more from Remix 3D or share creations with thousands of users.

Once an object is in Paint 3D, they’ll be able to customize and create with realistic textures and stickers that will wrap around 3D objects.

While the blog post relates this as “unique MEME creation,” the feature will have plenty of practical use further than that. Your creations will be visible through a virtual space complete with a 360-degree view.

Paint 3D is already available for the Insider Preview build so if you haven’t, take a chance to check it out.

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