Microsoft helps Windows 8 Metro app devs get into the Windows Store

Microsoft is offering Windows 8 app developers some guidance on getting into the Windows Store and having their apps ready in time for the release of Windows 8. On top of that, Microsoft is holding special events for developers to ensure their app succeeds in the Windows Store.

“We are looking for the first wave of great applications which highlight the power of Metro and Windows 8, especially from developers who want to get to market first and build their brand,” Microsoft adds. Microsoft will help app developers through the Application Accelerator Labs, which deals with the app review process to ensure the app follows Metro guidelines and certification requirements. A Microsoft Services Engineer will also provide feedback so the app can be improved, if needed. Microsoft is also hosting a few Windows Application Accelerator Labs for app developers, which help teach developers how to learn and build Windows 8 Metro style apps. Microsoft has yet to mention when the Windows Store will be officially opened. Head over to the source link for more information on the locations.

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