Microsoft helps app developers make more money, announces Ad Mediation Service

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Microsoft yesterday announced a new ad mediation service aimed at maximizing developer monetization. Along with the existing capabilities of the Microsoft Advertising SDK, the ad mediation service is a new federated cloud-based ad mediation service. When put together, Microsoft believes that these two parts of their monetization platform can optimize ad network configurations, drive the highest yield for the developers, and also bring innovative ad experiences for app users.

The new ad mediation service uses machine learning algorithms to select the best possible ads from the available ad network. It is now available though the Dev Center for apps built using the latest version of the Microsoft Advertising SDK (10.0.2 or higher.) Essentially, it is a new SSP (supply side platform) service that is compatible with the many variety of ad networks, and various ad formats. This ultimately means a developer can get the most by enabling ads on apps written using the Microsoft platform. Microsoft explains.

This service enables developers to maximize their revenue by serving ads on their application. The service works with a variety of ad networks that serve ads in various formats (banner, interstitial video, interstitial banner, native). This helps a developer to get the maximum yield from enabling ads on apps written on the Microsoft platform. The service is an SSP (supply side platform) focused on ensuring developers get maximum fill rate and revenue from showing ads within their apps. The ad mediation service has several advantages for a developer when compared to alternative methods for serving ads from different networks.

Features of the ad mediation service include risk and fraud detection, sending richer signals to advertisers and reliable reporting. Microsoft believes that with these features, app developers will get the highest return of investment for their ad placements.  Developers will also no longer need to integrate with different ad networks, as with the ad mediation service, developers will only need to integrate with the Microsoft Advertising SDK and a growing choice of ad networks.

Those who are interested can read up on the full technical details by checking here. And, those who want to learn about the experience can check out this official Microsoft web page.

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