Microsoft helps app developers diagnose problems with new App File Explorer

Developers now have an even easier way to diagnose issues and switching between data for their loaded applications. In the Anniversary Update for Windows 10, users will be able to use a new tool added to the Device Portal. The tool, conveniently called App File Explorer, works just the same as the previous IsolatedStorageExplorer (ISE) from Windows Phone 8.1. Only now, the tool is available for all Windows 10 devices with the Anniversary Update installed.

For developers, this means that the App File Explorer will be able to make navigation to applications a simple task. For mobile, it’s as easy as enabling Device Portal on your phone through the Developer Mode. With an app sideloaded, click on File Explorer to open up a list of folders including Camera, Documents, and LocaAppData.

Device Portal doesn’t support editing .dat files. However, the App File Explorer lets users edit the names of files, download/upload files, and deleting files as they need. An important note is that uploading a file with the same name as one already on an existing file will cause it to overwrite and delete the former. Use the feature with caution.

With the use of REST APIs through the App File Explorer, users can route any of the file locations to their browser window. By using the REST APIs, you have the full capability to edit the files as you can through the App File Explorer. This includes:

  • Get a list of “known folders” that the tool can access.
  • List files and folders for a sideloaded app or known folder.
  • You can use the list of installed apps and look for PackageOrigin 4 or 5 to find sideloaded apps.
  • Delete a file.
  • Upload a file.
  • Download a file.
  • Rename a file.

Editing files has never been easier through the Device Portal, and now developers can utilize the App File Explorer for even more quality applications. Developers can head over here to learn more about the App File Explorer.

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How do you feel about the new App File Explorer compared to the former ISE?