Microsoft: Help us translate 'charm' and 'app' in Windows 8

Microsoft needs your help with naming a few features in their next generation operating system Windows 8. Microsoft revealed today that the company is looking for customer input on what to name their interface terms such as "charms" "apps" "snapped apps" and thumb keyboard" in international versions.

"We are starting the work to figure out what we should call Windows 8 user interface terms such as "charms", "apps", "snapped apps" or "thumb keyboard" in international versions. You can now have a say in what we call all this in Chinese Simplified, Japanese, German and French (more languages will be added later)," Microsoft stated in an official blog post.

Microsoft: Help us translate 'charm' and 'app' in Windows 8 - - September 29, 2011

In essence, Windows 8 allows you to swipe from right to left with your finger revealing a series of icons. These icons are called "charms" and provide access to essential Windows features such as Search, Share, Start, Devices, and Settings.

"What do you think all this should be called?"

In order to participate, you must sign onto the Microsoft Terminology Community Forum and vote for your suggestions. The forum will remain open for feedback until October 12th.

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