Microsoft to help fight child pornography with image matching software -
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Microsoft to help fight child pornography with image matching software

Microsoft has today stated that they are planning to help fight child pornography by using a piece of software called PhotoDNA. This software was developed by the Microsoft Research team, and allows you to match an image with others that are similar, think image searching on Google.

Microsoft will be teaming up with NetClean to fight child pornography across the internet. The Microsoft Research team has developed a piece of software called PhotoDNA, which allows you to find similar images with one image.

The software was developed to help match different images which are similar, it creates a digital image signature which can be compared to other digital signature to find a match. The software was developed for use with companies such as Facebook, to remove pornography from the site.

Microsoft had received requests from law enforcement groups, asking them to make the software available to them to fight child pornography elsewhere on the web.

"By arming law enforcement with this powerful technology, our goal is to help expedite investigations, limit officer exposure to the corrosive effects of viewing child rape images, and strengthen law enforcement’s ability to quickly identify and rescue victims and get child abusers off the street."

The software will be used in a variety of different ways, it will be integrated into the Child Exploitation Tracking System, as well as NetClean and will offer licensing to law enforcement groups.

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