Microsoft Health now lists Xbox One, Windows 8, and iPad as supported platforms but they're not downloadable yet

Microsoft Health on Windows Phone

Good news and bad news for users of the Microsoft Band and Microsoft Health. Good news is the Microsoft Store now lists Windows 8, the Xbox One, and the iPad versions of the Microsoft Health app. The bad news is they don't appear to be actually downloadable. If you click them to download it acts as if you were purchasing something in the mail.

Microsoft Health is the companion app for the Microsoft Band and was already available on Windows Phone, iPhone, and Android.

We're going to assume that since the apps are listed that at some point in the near future they will be available. With the new listing for those platforms comes a new logo. The logo looks like a heart made out of Windows tiles.

Microsoft Health new logo

The Microsoft Band initially had small scale production but after stores repeatedly sold out of the device its distribution was expanded. The Microsoft Band is now available through multiple retailers and countries, specifically the US and UK.

Microsoft Health and the Xbox One had already been moving closer to integration with the ability to sync Xbox Fitness workouts with Microsoft Health.

The Microsoft Band is a combination fitness band and smart watch that works across the three major platforms, Android, iOS, and Windows. Hopefully soon we will control it through even more devices.

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