Microsoft Health app updates with new features for Microsoft Band-wearing golfers

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Microsoft Health app

Users of a Windows Phone and Microsoft Band who also play golf should find today’s new update for the Microsoft Health app pretty handy. The update adds several new ways for golfers to keep track of their activity if they are wearing the Microsoft Band while they play golf. Here’s a list of the new features.

  • A new TaylorMade golf course finder built into the Microsoft Health app, so it’s easy to find out where to golf right from the app. 
  • The Band’s built-in GPS will detect the hole you’re on automatically and give you scoring for the holes you complete. The Microsoft Band will now give an accurate measurement of the field with a simple tap of the action button and will also keep track of your scores calculated its built in sensors. 
  • After you finish golfing, you can now keep look at your golfing performance right from the Heath app or from the online Microsoft Health dashboard. 

The latest update for the Microsoft Health app is available now in all regions where the app is available. Are these golf-specific features something you think you’ll ever use? What else would you like to see added? Share your suggestions in the comments below.

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