Windows 8 Release Preview already compiled at build 8400?

According to a new rumour, Microsoft are already done with the Release Preview and have compiled it at build 8400. If this is true, then Microsoft are right on track with a first week of June release. We recently guessed that the Release Preview would compile at 8400, and it appears we were right.

According to a new tweet sent to us, Microsoft have already compiled the Windows 8 Release Preview at build at 8400. If this is true, than this lines up perfectly with a first week of June release. The Consumer Preview was compiled around two weeks before it launched, so it looks like the Release Preview will be doing the same.

Currently, we are unable to get hold of any screenshots, but according to another tweet, screenshots are out in the wild.

Remember, we are classing this as a rumour as it is not from official Microsoft representatives.

Stay tuned as this story develops.

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