Microsoft hasn’t forgotten about the Surface RT while also updating the Surface Pro 3 today

Email Twitter: @MindHead1 Mar 10th, 2015 inNews

Microsoft hasn't forgotten about the Surface RT while also updating the Surface Pro 3 today

As Microsoft begins to clean up their Surface portfolio and are hopefully making way for the rumored Surface Pro 4, we see them phasing out the Surface RT, Surface 2, and Surface Pro 2 from their online stores. Even during this transition, Microsoft is still sending out patches and firmware updates to these devices.

Unsurprisingly the Surface Pro 3 is receiving a firmware update during this month’s Patch Tuesday. Today the Surface Pro 3 is getting updated with: (v3.0.64.0) – “Surface Pen Settings driver update which enables new functionality and features for the previously titled Surface Hub (now called Surface app). This app can also be found in the Windows Store if necessary.”

The more surprisingly news today is that the long forgotten step child, Surface RT, was shown some love. Today the Surface RT received: (v9.17.13.0907) – “Audio and Display driver sets. This update is intended to address audio and video issues people have experienced with the device while also improving on both and enhancing stability.”

Unfortunately, the other Surface members in the family were passed on this month for patches and firmware updates. The Surface 2 and Pro 2 have nothing new to report in the way of updates for March. Perhaps they were part of a rolling update schedule and may see something next month.

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