Microsoft has not killed Windows 10 Mobile (yet) despite reports that they have -
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Microsoft has not killed Windows 10 Mobile (yet) despite reports that they have

Over the last few hours, the Windows phone community has been up in arms over reports that Microsoft has officially killed Windows 10 Mobile internally, placing it into "maintenance mode" and not beginning work for Redstone 3, the next major interation of Windows 10. Fans and opponents of the platform took to reddit to express their feelings to the reports:

The end: Microsoft kills off Windows Phone (Windows 10 Mobile pulled from rs_prerelease, Upgrade Advisory discontinued too, RS3 not planned) from windowsphone


This speculation originated from several tweets posted by Dennis Bednarz, a reporter for Windows Central, who claimed that "private sources" had informed him that "Windows 10 Mobile has been wiped from rs_prerelease. This means it's really "dead" this time. It got removed from the Windows tree."

The claim then went on to state that RS3 won't arrive for Windows 10 Mobile and that RS2 would stay as feature2 and be separate from the Windows 10 for PC builds.

As reported by Ars Technica, several employees at Microsoft have stated that feature2 is in fact a "post-Creators Update build" that will "go away" once Redstone 2 is stable to release, with builds being in sync between PC and mobile for Redstone 3.

So there you have it, despite reports of Windows 10 Mobile reaching the "end" and being killed off, this is simply not true, at least for now. While it is definitely not out of the question that Microsoft could kill off Windows 10 Mobile in the near future, today is not that day.

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