Microsoft has given away $105 million to 18,755 unique nonprofit organizations in 2012

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Talking about giving back to the community.. Microsoft has announced that the company has given away a total of $105 million dollars to 18,755 unique nonprofit organizations around the world during 2012.

"..we've tallied the result for 2012 alone and we’re proud to share that the Employee Giving Program raised $105 million last year for 18,755 unique nonprofit and community organizations in the United States and around the world," Microsoft announced in an official blog post. Microsoft wants to make a difference in people's lives and nearly two-thirds of Microsoft's employees in the United States participated in the Employee Giving program during 2012. The program is focused on providing education opportunities for children, discovering cures for illness and disease, and providing aid during international humanitarian crises. Microsoft is focusing on two of its core values, which revolve around the ideology that respect and appreciation should be shown to employees and dedication to serving the communities where employees of Microsoft live and work. "I am absolutely confident that Microsoft employees will continue to vigorously support others less fortunate. In fact, I predict that we will reach the next billion dollars in giving within a decade," Microsoft added.

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