Microsoft has a doctor’s note for you so you can bag a day or three of Xbox One gaming

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Microsoft has a doctor's note for you so you can bag a day or three of Xbox One gaming

So, you’ve picked up your shiny new Xbox One. Yippee! But… bummer… work, school or other commitments look like they’re going to get in the way of your first few days of hardcore gaming. But fear not! Microsoft has as possible solution for you — a “doctor’s note” that you can use to grant yourself a day or three of undisturbed Xbox One.

Head over to the Xbox website and you’ll find a customizable “official Doctor’s note” that can be emailed or printed out ready to send to your boss. It’s all a bit of fun and it is Major Nelson himself who has signed the note for you.

The customizable letter makes reference to several of the Xbox One’s launch titles. Your “doctor” can suggest that you are suffering from everything from Roman Rage to Irritable battle Syndrome, but thankfully “if used effectively, Xbox One can help relieve the patient’s entertainment deprivation and will have an increased state of happiness at all times.”

It will be interesting to see if anyone tries to use the note and whether any bosses would be sympathetic to the idea of needed time off to spend with the new baby! Its might stand up to a fleeting glance, but close scrutiny could land you in trouble… so be careful!

Do you need to use this doctor’s note, or had you already planned ahead, cleared the calendar and booked yourself some time off?

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