Microsoft has the biggest, best war chest according to FactSet Research

Microsoft has the biggest, best war chest according to FactSet Research

It is no great secret that Microsoft has a nice little pile of cash saved away for a rainy day, if not the biggest.

Typically Apple is cited as the company to beat in this regard, with the much referenced $100 billion cash ‘hoard’ that the Cupertino-firm has based around the world. Having recently become the most valuable company in recorded history, this is easy to believe.

Yet if a new report from FactSet Research is to be believed, Apple may not have the biggest pile o’ cash. Instead, Microsoft is cited as having the highest cash levels and short-term marketable securities, coming in at a total sum of $90.25 billion.

According to the report, Microsoft is followed closely by General Electric’s hoard, which is valued at $90.2 billion, and then by Google, with $64.4 billion. Apple places at eighth, with a relatively lowly $32.4 billion.


At this point, before anyone gets too excited, it is important to note that this report omits long-term marketable securities from its information set, which if included sees Apple rise to $145.5 billion.

Marketable securities, for those who do not know, are things like common stock, government bonds and other certificates of security that can be traded for cash. Short-term marketable securities can be exchanged for cash in a period of under one year, while long-term securities take longer tan this.

It should also be noted that none of these values mean that any of these firms have such massive hoards at home, they are spread throughout the world.

The slight drop in Apple’s value can also be attributed by a stock buyback scheme the fruity firm is currently running, purchasing shares back from shareholders.

However it is played, one thing is sure, Microsoft is flush.

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