Microsoft Graph celebrates its one-year anniversary

Yesterday marked the one-year milestone for Microsoft Graph since it became generally available. It also kicked the annual developer's digital conference Connect(). This wasn't a coincidence; Microsoft Graph was launched just last year during the Connect() conference and since then has grown 35% in usage month over month with 47,000 third party applications created for it. It even processed over 1 billion API transactions over the last month.

Microsoft Graph has been expanding the set of scenarios it covers, adding more of OneDrive, SharePoint, Planner, Excel, and OneNote. Intelligence features have been added, making it possible to get at the insights around ad-hoc working relationships and trending files in an organization -- that also happen to power the ever-useful MyAnalytics (formerly Delve). Microsoft Graph does this all while simplifying the developer experience via a simple, consistent API surface and a rich set of developer SDKs.

Connect() is expected to continue its celebration of the growing success of Microsoft Graph as it continues for the next two days. In fact, they are encouraging developers to learn more about developing applications for the service through their current event.

Later today, an Office Extensibility on-demand session will be taking place where teams will share more about the services and insights that make their products tick. A look into developing for Microsoft Graph, Teams, Outlook, and SharePoint is all expected. If you're interested in developing, be sure to tune in at 4:00 p.m. PT to Channel 9.

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