Microsoft granted patent for Surface tablet with Touch/Type cover input design


Back in May of 2012, Microsoft filed for a patent on the Surface tablet with Touch/Type cover design. The idea behind the patent is to claim stake in the idea that one could use a magnetic coupling to connect a keyboard to the tablet device. Microsoft has been granted this patent.

“The ornamental design for an electronic tablet with input device coupling.” That’s the way Microsoft described the Surface device and its ability to connect to a Touch or Type cover via the magnetic strip. Microsoft can finally rest easily knowing that their precious Surface tablet and keyboard design is now patented.

The Surface RT has been available since October of 2012 and Microsoft has sold over a million Surface RT devices since launch, at least according to unofficial sources. The Surface Pro launched in February 9th of this year, and in total, Microsoft has sold just over 1.5 million Surface devices.

If you are curious to check out the patent filing, you can head over here to take a look at it.

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