Microsoft, Google, Viacom other companies urge US appeals court to protect gay workers

Microsoft is joining companies like Google and Viacom in a brief urging the 2nd circuit to protect gay workers. Falling in line with Microsoft's track record of defending humanitarian causes, this request marks a very deliberate recognition of the discrimination faced by gay workers all over the country. It was noted that over 40% of gay workers in America face some sort of discrimination - a terrifying number that's all too real.

This request comes at the tail end of Pride Month, a period of time in which the country is meant to come together and rally around everyone in the LGBTQ community. Specifically, the 2nd circuit is being asked to revive a dropped lawsuit originating from a man named Donald Zarda, who claimed to be wrongfully fired for his sexual orientation - but died in a skydiving accident after filing. The court recently decided to take a look at the case once again, so these companies are trying to get it fully opened again.

Regardless of whether or not this case is opened up again - or if a meaningful precedent would be set by it - this is a powerful gesture by some of the largest powers in the country. It's nice to see these kinds of names standing behind LGBTQ rights, especially as Pride Month is coming to a close.


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