Microsoft goes ‘in-depth’ with the Windows 8 task manager, offers tips


Windows task manager

One of the newest features in Windows 8 is the new Task Manager. Microsoft gave the Task Manager a complete overhaul that includes several performance tools to help you optimize your PC. In an official blog post, Microsoft goes over these optimization tips. Microsoft has also posted up a video that showcases these tips in action.

By the way, did you know you could launch the Task Manager in Windows 8 by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Esc? The Task Manager in Windows 8 is different from the one in Windows 7, featuring a new Processes tab that has been completely redesigned, Performance and Networking tabs have been merged, and new tabs such as App History and Startup have been added to the Task Manager.

We recommend heading over to the source link to check out all the optimization tips. You can also check out the video below. In the video, Microsoft’s Gavin Gear walks through the new and updated Task Manager in Windows 8.