Microsoft global network is essential to keeping up ‘a great cloud service’

Michael Cottuli

Microsoft India

Microsoft is adamant that one of the most important parts of their cloud strategy is making sure that everything is working on a global scale. The company’s most recent blog post spoke quite a bit about their “global wide-area network (WAN)” and how it paves the way for a better cloud as the global community gets even tighter.

In the Channel 9 video they embedded in the blog, Microsoft also talked about its three guiding principles when building and expanding its global network:

  • Be as close as possible to our customers for optimal latency.
  • Stay in control of capacity and resiliency to guarantee that the network can survive multiple failures.
  • Proactively manage network traffic at scale via software-defined networking (SDN).

Microsoft wants its users to be assured that they’re dedicated to forming a global network. In this post, it seems very much like their priority right now is creating an environment that has minimal latency for everybody, all around the world. While the post didn’t have much in the way of news, it was a nice refresher to keep us all up to date with the company’s mindset going forward.