Microsoft giving Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds to Xbox One buyers for free

Brad Stephenson

PlayerUnknown's Battleground on Xbox One

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds (aka PUBG) has been one of the biggest video game launches on Microsoft’s Xbox One consoles in 2017 despite only being in Preview (beta). The game has been receiving a significant amount of hype from casual players and professional streamers who had been waiting for it to come to console and now to further promote its release, Microsoft has decided to give it away from free with any new Xbox One X console purchases made between December 17th and 31st.

“Earlier this week, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) released as a console launch exclusive on Xbox One in the Xbox Game Preview program, bringing the hottest multiplayer game of the year to console for the first time,” Xbox Wire’s Will Tuttle said in a statement. “Xbox fan excitement for the launch has been incredible, with more than 1 million players on Xbox One in its first 48 hours alone.”

Digital download codes will apparently be given to buyers at most retail outlets, not just at official Microsoft Store locations.

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