Microsoft gives researcher $200,000 prize for creating new exploit mitigation technology

During the company’s BlueHat contest, which is a security conference where the company motivates security researchers to develop new anti-exploitation techniques, a security researcher won the contest for designing an exploit mitigation technology called “kBouncer.”

Vasilis Pappas, a security researcher and Columbia University PhD student, developed an exploit mitigation technology called “kBouncer” which is designed to detect and prevent return-oriented programming and subsequently won a prize of $200,000 from Microsoft. This is a popular vulnerability exploitation technique and is frequently used in exploits that target memory safety vulnerabilities like buffer overflows. Microsoft plans on using exploit mitigation technology in its products for obvious security reasons. Pappas has not idea what he plans on doing with the Kbouncer technology just yet nor does he have plans for his $200,000 price money that he won from Microsoft.

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