Microsoft gives a preview of Twitch on Xbox One in new video

Microsoft gives a preview of twitch on xbox one in new video

Twitch, for the few of you who do not know, is perhaps the top video site for gamers, and Microsoft has been promising integration with it. Xbox One users have been awaiting this promised released, and now Microsoft is revealing what those customers can expect.

Today, Xbox Live chief Larry Hryb gave a sneak peak of what users can expect in the release. "A quick video showing you some of the features of the Twitch broadcasting app for Xbox One and how it is integrated into the system", as Hryb describes it. The video, which is posted below, was shot using the Xbox One, which he claims he has been using it on for the past month.

Major Nelson, as he is better known, also provided some insight about preparing yourself for the release, with a set of instructions, which can be found below.

From your computer:

Go online to and sign up for a Twitch account.
In Settings, go to Channel & Videos and select Archive Broadcasts.

On your console:

Sign into your Xbox One console and download the Twitch app.
You can customize your picture-in-picture to broadcast both your gameplay and yourself through Kinect.
In your Profile, make sure your presence is set to “online”
In the Settings app under “Privacy and Online Safety,” make sure the option to “See if you’re online” is set to “Everyone” and “Broadcast gameplay” is set to “Allow.”
Also in the Settings app under“ Privacy and Online Safety,” make sure the option to “Share content made using Kinect” is set to “Allow.”
In the Settings app under “Preference,” check “Allow broadcasts and Game DVR Uploads”
In the Settings app under “Kinect,” check “Kinect on” and to include Kinect audio in your broadcast check “Use Kinect microphone for chat.”

Now, check out the video below to see what all you will soon have.

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