Microsoft Garage releases three new business productivity apps for Android

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The latest creations to come out of Microsoft’s wildly innovative department, Garage, has gotten an official introduction on the company’s official page: not just one, but three productivity apps with a focus on small businesses.

The first, Sprightly, focuses on “digital-content creation on phones”. The app supports professional-looking content creation on mobile devices, including catalogues, price lists, e-cards, and flyers; social sharing on email, WhatsApp and Facebook; PDF exports, and more.


Sprightly allows for content creation and social sharing.

Connections, on the other hand, is about helping you organize information. Sounding like a mixture of OneNote and Outlook, Connections allows you to capture notes with pictures during and after phone calls, share them with contacts and set contact-based reminders, arrange contacts by tags, and sending information to contacts via SMS templates.


Link contacts, notes and reminders with Connections.

Finally, Kaizala is a new corporate chat app in the veins of Slack, Trello or Hipchat, with the ability to assign tasks, track team members and more.


Kaizala, the new Slack. Hopefully.

All of these apps, unfortunately, seem to only be able for Android devices. Nevertheless, they join Microsoft’s collection of experimental apps on Android and represent well the goal of Microsoft Garage, which is to produce customer-focused apps at a fast pace to get customer feedback. Give them a try and let us hear your experience on them.

Image credits: Microsoft

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