Microsoft Garage releases note taking app Parchi for Android

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The Microsoft Garage team is showing off its latest app: Parchi. Parchi is lightweight note taking app designed to be quick and easily searchable. The name comes from the Hindi word (pronounced pur-chih), which means small pieces of paper for notes. The Parchi team, in its backstory profile, explains the app’s use the best:

Parchi is a quick and light-weight note taking app that is designed to capture small bites of information on the go. Notes here are small, quick and non-complicated – without unlocking your phone, just type or take a picture of what you want to save and you are done. Want to become a notes ninja? Assign or type a #tag, color, add a reminder or mark as favorite to easily find them later. Quickly find your notes by a single click #tag search. And, pin your grocery list to the lock-screen for easy access.

Apps like Parchi, in order to enhance the user experience, have to be sleek and focus in design, and cannot be full bloated tanks of features. The Parchi team explains:

When building Parchi we had three main goals – the app had to be quick, it had to be super easy to use and it had to adapt to the user. And so started the 5 month journey! We’ve learnt a lot from our early users – what we got right in the first try (taking notes from a lock-screen) and what needed improvements (adding structure to the unstructured notes). And this has made us like our own app more :).

Parchi, like Twist, Invite, Send, Tossup, and Snap to Pin, is the latest in a continuing line of innovative experimental apps coming out of partnerships with the Microsoft Garage. It also follows the time honored Garage tradition of refusing to be available on Windows platforms. Fantastic work as always. Keep up the good work guys.

Microsoft Garage releases note taking app Parchi for Android - - October 21, 2015
The app was not found in the store. 🙁
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