Microsoft Garage releases another new Android app, Hub Keyboard

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The team over at Microsoft Garage have been very busy working to bring you new apps. They recently released two new apps for Android, and today have released yet another new app designed to solve a common problem.

The app, Hub Keyboard, is designed to keep you in the conversation. From searching or sharing documents, copy and pasting recent items, or sharing contact information, Hub Keyboard is designed to bring you all the relevant information to complete common tasks.

Those tasks are all integrated into the keyboard, which means that you can choose tasks to use from within any app that requires use of the on screen keyboard.

Hub Keyboard almost definitely will release the pain from switching between apps to completely routine tasks.  It is now available for a free download on Android devices, so if you’re interested in this app, go ahead and click that download button below!

Microsoft Garage releases another new Android app, Hub Keyboard - - February 23, 2016
The app was not found in the store. 🙁


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