Microsoft Garage migrates News Pro app from iOS to Android

Kareem Anderson

Microsoft’s Garage division has propagated its News Pro app from the iOS ecosystem to an additional one and unfortunately for Windows 10 Mobile users, it wasn’t Windows.

Today, News Pro has made its way over from the iOS App Store to the welcoming Google Play Store. For the last few months, News Pro has been an iOS exclusive, even leaving its parent company’s Windows platform user base out in the cold, but the Garage developers are slowly expanding the apps platform support to now include Google Play.

News Pro, for those who may be interested is:

A Microsoft Garage project, helps you search for news around your work and life every day. Fuel your unique interests with over a million topics to choose from.

Get informed efficiently by locating the most important and relevant articles each day based off what interests you.

Leverage the power of social networks for your daily news. You can sign-in on Facebook and LinkedIn to tailor your daily news highlights to your work experience and interests.

Find articles and topics you didn’t know you needed. News Pro allows you to extend the scope of your daily news updates by suggesting new topics to search based off your current interests and by helping you discover websites where you can read articles that are interesting to you. You can also search for news related to any topic right in the app so you can always be fully informed.

Come and share news and exchange your opinions with colleagues and friends in groups. There are popular forums and boards where people discuss, share and learn about each other.

Your personal news agent can keep up with interesting topics and stories with you all day long. Moreover, the bot is going to surprise you once you upload a selfie and share with him.

Having personally tried it on a work-issued iPhone, I can assure Windows 10 PC and Mobile users that other than the UI design, the updated Windows 10 News app provides just as many interest options during setup and I also believe its offers a much richer news experience.

However, for those of you on Android looking to give this a try, head over to the Play Store today to download.

If you have the time, please let us know how this compares to your current RSS Reader or News Feed app.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁