Microsoft Garage launches Tetra Lockscreen app for Windows Phone

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Tetra lockscreen

Microsoft Garage is a project which brings together employees from the company to work on projects they like and make it a reality. Recently, Microsoft Garage released a new app for Windows Phone devices dubbed as Tetra Lockscreen. You can view the upcoming calendar events, your current location on a street map, and much more.

It even has an activity tracker, for SensorCore enabled device, which give users the ability to track their steps, distance or approximate number of calories burned.

Tetra Lockscreen, a Microsoft Garage project, brings functionality to the forefront of your Windows Phone 8.1 device. Focused on fast, fluid, and frequent interactions, the simple tools it provides are always on hand when you need them.

Here's a list of features Tetra Lockscreen has to offer:


  • Displays upcoming calendar events
  • Visualizes the pace of your day with a simple timeline

Current Location

  • Shows your current location on a street map
  • Displays nearby calendar events with identifiable locations
  • Pan and zoom in the top area of the screen, the bottom is reserved for unlocking

Activity Tracker

  • Displays activity in steps, distance or approximate number of calories burned
  • Compare by hour in the daily view, or by day in the weekly view


  • Keeps time even when your screen is off
  • Lap functionality

It's worth mentioning that Activity Tracker doesn't work with all Windows Phone devices, but only those which comes with Nokia SensorCore. The app is available as a free download so head over to the Windows Phone Store and grab the app.

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