Microsoft Garage introduces photo mashup app Twist for iOS

Mark Coppock

Microsoft’s Garage community continues to make a number of exciting new apps, many of them cross platform. Made up of “hackers, makers, artists, tinkerers, musicians, inventors,” Microsoft Garage seems to focus on providing functionality that’s either missing in the market or that can be done more efficiently. They’ve introduced a new iOS app on YouTube (via Microsoft-News), called Twist, that looks to make sharing funky images quick and easy.
So far, the app doesn’t seem to be showing up in Apple’s App Store, and so we only have a brief description:

Mash up two pictures. Sprinkle with captions. Divide between friends. And serve hot.

So, if you’re sporting an iPhone and want to, well, mash up and share some pics, then keep your eyes open for Microsoft Garage’s latest app.