Microsoft Garage app Sprightly for Android updated with more generous text limits

Sprightly for Android
Email Twitter: @abacjourn Jul 13th, 2016 inNews

Back in February of this year, the Microsoft Garage team launched the Sprightly app for Android devices. Since then, the creativity-centered app has gotten a set of updates. Today one of those updates has just hit the Google Play Store, bringing more generous text limits to the Sprightly experience.

Overall, the update also brings the app to version 1.0.7207.2002. If you’re interested in the full details of this update, you can check out the change log below:

  • Generous text limits: This was based on consistent feedback from our users to increase text limits. So we now allow for more in:  Business name.
  • All other text fields, we have a recommended limit but no hard stops.
Sprightly from Microsoft Garage

Sprightly from Microsoft Garage

The Sprightly app enables you to be creative and quickly create content for both your business and personal needs. With the app, you can describe products in a catalog and share price lists with buyers. Using the app, you can even send ecards to your friends and customers on holidays and other events. In addition, under the app’s “collection” system, you can reuse content from previous Sprightly projects for new projects such as flyers and catalogs.

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