Microsoft Xbox One set to arrive in India and other markets in September 2014

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Microsoft gaming console Xbox One to arrive in India in Sept 2014

Xbox fans over in India have a reason to rejoice. The Xbox One has finally got an Indian launch date. Originally launched in November last year, it took quite a while, but come this September, the device will start shipping. Anshu Mor, Xbox Head at Microsoft India confirms an announcement next month.

Xbox One is the current generation console from Microsoft. The device has been priced at $499 USD, and sports impressive specifications. With an 8-core AMD CPU, coupled with 8 gigs of RAM, the console screams when it comes to performance. It supports full HD display and holds 500GB of HDD.

It is a rather surprising that Microsoft takes so much time before shipping its products to one of its biggest markets, India. Xbox One, for example is taking 10 months more for its launch in India. Surface tablet is another product which hasn't been officially released in India yet. 

Update: Microsoft has now unveiled a total of 26 new markets, and a list can be found here.

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