Microsoft FY15 Q1 numbers released: $23.2bn in total revenue, $908m for the Surface

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Microsoft fy15 q1 numbers released: $23. 2bn in total revenue, $908m for the surface

Microsoft has released its financial numbers for the first quarter in the 2015 fiscal year (FY15 Q1), which ended on September 30th, 2014. The numbers are quite impressive, and feature $23.2 billion in total revenue, and $14.93 billion in gross margin, $5.48 billion in operating income, and $0.54 in diluted earnings per share.

If you are an investor, cash dividends per common share end up at $0.31, up from $0.28 on the same time as last year.

To explain a little bit, the total revenue is all the money that Microsoft was paid. The gross margin is the difference in the revenue and the cost Microsoft put to make the products or services. The operating income is the revenue minus the operating costs of the company. All these statistics are supposed to create a predictive future for how the company actually did, as the total revenue could be misleading by itself.

If none of that makes sense, that’s ok, there is one more way to judge the performance for the casual. This is through looking the same stats from last year's quarter from the same time period.

Segment revenue and gross margin

Microsoft has also included some highlights of their quarter. The Surface revenue, thanks to the Surface Pro 3, tallied up at $908 million. The Surface revenue, thanks to the Surface Pro 3, tallied up at $908 million. There were a total of 2.4 million Xbox sales, which is an increase of 102%, partly thanks to the Xbox One launching in 28 new markets. Phone hardware has less context, Microsoft merely stated that it exceeded $2.6 billion, "with ongoing focus on execution discipline." Interestingly, Windows consumer licensing grew, while OEM non-Pro revenue declined (but only by 1%).

In total, the devices and consumer totaled $10.96 billion, a growth of 47%. The commercial revenue totaled $12.28 billion, a growth of 10%, and featured involvements in all Server products and servers, Office, Lync, SharePoint, Exchange, and Windows volume licensing.

To find out more about on the statistics, highlights, forward-looking statements, and more, go here.

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