Microsoft funding Windows Phone developers up to $600,000

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Microsoft has been trying to expand it’s App Marketplace on Windows Phone for some time now, and the majority of that time has been well spent, with the Marketplace reaching 80,000 apps just a couple of days ago. According to a new report, Microsoft has been helping fund the development of some apps with up to $600,000.

Microsoft funding Windows Phone developers up to $600,000 - - April 6, 2012

The article states that Microsoft helped fund the development of apps such as Fouresquare and the Cheezeburger Network, paying up to $600,000 in doing so. Foursquare admitted that they wouldn’t have made a Windows Phone app if it wasn’t for Microsoft’s help.

Facebook is another example of this, Facebook didn’t actually create their own Windows Phone app, a development team that was funded by Microsoft developed the app instead, and Facebook allowed the company to use it.

Microsoft has admitted to funding some apps, but refused to name the app developers. The company has also been offering Windows Phone devices to developers for some time now, so they can test out their apps without having to simulate it on a PC.

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