Microsoft forms a new team to create 'secret' and 'risky' apps for Windows Blue and Windows 9


We already know that Microsoft wants to increase the number of apps in the Windows Store. Recently, we learned that the Windows Store had surpassed the 50,000 app milestone. Now, a new report suggests that Microsoft has created a new team to build 'secret' and 'risky' apps for the next generation of Windows.

According to a Microsoft employee's resume posted on his LinkedIn profile, he not only works for Microsoft but is also part of a new team that will build these apps for the next version of Windows (vNext), which is obviously Windows Blue and Windows 9.

"After a re-organisation, some people of my team and I moved in a brand new team inside Windows vNext. The team is called Inbox Experience/Platform Showcase Apps. The goal of my team is to ship the most fun/secret/risky/showcasable apps inside Windows and its ecosystem. My job is to be a C++ developer (WinRT, XAML, DirectX, Drivers, COM, WRL, Win32 and co). I work at a feature level/scope (features owner)," the resume reads.

This new team, called Inbox Experience/Platform Showcase Apps, began in January of this year. It will be interesting to see exactly what sort of 'risky' apps are going to be developed and at what costs will Microsoft try to bolster its Windows Store. Could we finally see an Outlook app?

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