Microsoft focuses on business, claims next build of Window 10 will please system admins

Windows 10

Microsoft has apparently claimed that system admins should pay close attention to the build of Windows 10 due to arrive this January. This will most likely be the last opportunity for such users to influence the final build of Windows 10 which will be released later in 2015. The feature freeze will most likely take place before the Build conference in May, with hardware releases expected around October.

Following widespread hesitation among the enterprise community regarding uptake of Windows 8, Redmond has been hard at work tinkering with their new operating system to ensure that business users will find something to be happy with. So far, the enduringly popular start-menu has made a long awaited return, a new enterprise app store has been promised and users will be able to fine tune and tweak a greater number of settings and options than ever before, allowing for close control over all aspects of business.

It certainly seems as though there will be big Windows news in January, however only time will tell what currently lies behind closed doors. The system is due to receive quarterly updates when released, bringing it in line with other current Microsoft products.

Are you pleased with the direction of Windows 10 development at this stage? Let us know in the comments below.

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