Microsoft Flow gets shared custom APIs, Gmail support, and a Team flows preview

Kit McDonald

Microsoft Flow

The workplace is about to get a whole lot more connected for Office 365 users in Microsoft Flow. Today, the team announced a couple of new features and a preview that a lot of people have been wanting to see for a while.

First off, one of the top requested features for Microsoft Flow is finally here with the addition of Gmail support. Flows will be able to be triggered just like your other emails with specific labels and you can manage your Gmail account directly from Flow.

As another requested feature, registering a custom API can be shared and managed within an organization. This includes APIs like Team flows and even adopts some of the same features such as adding/removing users to access or edit them. Additionally, the Azure Cognitive Services Language Understanding Intelligence Service (LUIS) has been integrated.

These features all lead up to the big reveal in the blog post today. Microsoft announced the preview of Team flows is now available to paid Microsoft Flow plans. The idea is to make Flow much more collaborative, a word that the tech giant uses a lot nowadays. Multiple users are able to own and manage a flow together collectively. This includes:

  • Read, update or delete flow
  • View history and debug flow
  • Add or remove other owners
  • Add or remove connections that the flow has access to

Team flows show up next to the “My flows” tab, making it easy to switch between the two as needed. You can invite owners by using names or email addresses of the person or group you wish to add, then manage their permissions. Additionally, the Team flows are able to use connections just like other flows.

A walkthrough of how to get started has been posted on the Flow Documentation page. . While the new features for Flow roll out to everyone, the preview is solely for paid plans. You can view the pricing for your organization over at the Microsoft Flow product page.