Microsoft Flight Simulator video game could come to Xbox Series X consoles next week

Brad Stephenson

Microsoft Flight Simulator video game on Windows and Xbox Series X

A listing for the Xbox Series X version of Microsoft Flight Simulator has been spotted on the Irish GameStop website.

While the listing no longer seems to be live, screenshots taken of it by several people show that the console release of the popular flight sim game is set to come out next week on June 15th, just a few days from now.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Xbox Series X listing
Microsoft Flight Simulator Xbox Series X listing via Resetera

With the Summer Game Fest set to start today, it’s possible this announcement could be officially made sometime within the next day or so. The Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase is also happening next week on June 13th and it could happen then as well. Whenever the announcement is made, fans of the game should expect to hear something soon.

Microsoft Flight Simulator launched on Windows PC in August 2020. The title was confirmed for a future release on Microsoft’s new Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X consoles a few months later though no planned release date was given.

Microsoft Flight Simulator will be one of the first Xbox video games to be exclusive to the current generation of consoles. Until now, the vast majority of new Xbox titles have supported compatibility with the last-gen Xbox One family of consoles. The upcoming Forza and Fable video games will also leave the Xbox One behind and launch exclusively on the Xbox Series X and X consoles.

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