Microsoft Flight to be free-to-play, coming this Spring!

Today, Microsoft has confirmed that its new game, Microsoft Flight is set for launch this Spring, as a free to play game. How will Microsoft be making money from this, simply by making you pay for add-ons.

Microsoft Flight, is the latest flight game from Microsoft. Today, the company revealed that the game is coming in the Spring of 2012, and will be available to play for free. If you want any extra planes or add-ons, you will have to pay. The content will be accessible via Games for Windows LIVE.

Microsoft is planning to launch a closed beta of Microsoft Flight soon, which will allow players to test out what Microsoft have been working on before the public.

Microsoft is also planning to allow those at this years CES conference to play the game at the Microsoft booth, which should allow journalists and game testers to check out what the game is like.

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