Microsoft finds the recent EA Access program for Xbox One a ‘game-changer’


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Microsoft finds the recent EA Access program for Xbox One a 'game-changer'

Last month, the giant game publisher announced EA Access, a subscription-based program for Xbox One. Microsoft is very pleased with this move, and finds this program to be a “game changer.”

“That [EA Access] was announced last week as well and is very much a game-changer,” said Xbox One evangelist Jeff Rubenstein in the latest episode of Major Nelson podcast. Rubenstein also pointed how early access to upcoming EA games will provide users with “at least two hours” of gameplay.

Last week, Electronic Arts launched EA Access subscription, which costs $5/month or $30/year and allow users to play any game in “The Vault” for as long as the subscription lasts. In addition, users also get a 10 percent discount on EA digital titles and content. If that wasn’t enough of a good deal, users also get access to upcoming games five days before they are released.

The early access however varies with the game title. Some games limit users to play only in one mode, while others, despite offering full-version mode, come with an expiry date. In any case, the subscribers are given a choice to have their in-game progress carry forwarded should they choose to buy the full version of the game title.