Microsoft finally releases SkyDrive 3.0 for iOS, worked with Apple to create a solution

SkyDrive iOS

Microsoft has finally released a much anticipated update to its SkyDrive app for Apple's iOS platform. Apple and Microsoft have been going at in for a while and now it seems that Apple is content with having this app released.

"Today, we're excited to release v3.0 of the SkyDrive app for iOS that includes improved photo features, an updated UI, and a number of other new features and enhancements. You can install or update the SkyDrive app for iOS now via iTunes," Microsoft stated in an official blog post.

Microsoft has finally released this app for iOS after issues with Apple centering around a 30% revenue cut that Apple wanted if users were to purchase additional storage for their SkyDrive accounts via the SkyDrive app. Looks like Microsoft settled this issue but details of what took place behind closed doors remain a mystery. Who knows what Microsoft agreed upon to allow Apple to make this app happen.

"We worked with Apple to create a solution that benefited our mutual customers. The SkyDrive app for iOS is slightly different than other SkyDrive apps in that people interested in buying additional storage will do so via the web versus in the app," Microsoft revealed in a statement.

So what's new in 3.0? Microsoft has added support for the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini, as well as updated the app icons and user experience. There is a better photo managing experience and improved opening and sharing of files. Microsoft has also made many other small changes, bug fixes, and performance improvements.

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