Microsoft files trademark for ‘Secrets and Treasure’ but what could it be?

Email Twitter: @ronwinbeta Mar 26th, 2014 inNews

Microsoft files trademark on a game 'Secrets and Treasure'

Microsoft has filed a trademark application for something called “Secrets and Treasure.” Could it be a new game? Earlier this month, the Xbox company filed the application with the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO). But sadly, that’s all the information the filing document reveals.

As Gamespot pointed out, the software giant has bought the domain Though, as of now, any visit to the URL will get you redirected to, Microsoft’s search engine.

We know the company has been gearing up for its upcoming E3 presentation. Recently, Phil Spencer, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Game Studios, teased about an exclusive Xbox One game made by a Japanese studio. According to him, the company is “already over our 90-minute time limit and having to move stuff out of [the] show”. Do you think the much hyped game could indeed be Secrets and Treasure?


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