Microsoft files patent for "PhonePad", looks to extend Continuum idea

While Microsoft's latest phones already support the Continuum feature, there is now some new hope for a future where a Continuum like feature could work on other devices as well. In a newly discovered Microsoft patent, the company appears to be hinting at a new effort to synchronise content from one device with content on another device.

The patent is titled "PhonePad", and in a diagram attached to the patent, two devices appear to be co-operating. It also appears that from the patent description that one device discovers and connects to a second device using a communication link to then provide outputs which would be presented by the second device.

The diagram attached to the patent.
The diagram attached to the patent.

A full description of the patent explains that there are now a lot of devices in the world, and that the synchronization of data between these devices takes up energy, communication bandwidth, and computing resources.  Ultimately, however, the patent hints that the invention would be a way to solve this problem and ensure that one device can control a larger device.

Patents frequently require levels of both bewilderment and acknowledgment, so the name "PhonePad" may not necessarily mean a lot at the moment.  Microsoft may be using this name and description in the patent to protect the invention from getting pre-empted, but also gain proper the legal protection for their idea.

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