Microsoft files patent for improved Windows Phone battery saving feature based on user behavior

Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 operating system comes with a feature called Battery Saver, which turns off background processes, email sync, location services, and more once the battery reaches 20%. However, Microsoft has filed a patent application for a new feature that improves the Windows Phone battery life based on the user’s behavior.

The idea behind this new and improved way of conserving battery is simple. Microsoft wants to track when phones are charges and how often tasks are done. The Windows Phone will then suspend sync operations depending on several factors. This new feature would track the time the user would normally charge the phone and track the location such as home or office. The new feature would then see if it could continue operations until its next charge time, based on data it collected on when it is normally charged by the user. Another cool feature that is lacking in many devices and mobile operating systems is the ability to stop sync operations if the phone is in a low signal area and knows that the user will be approaching a better signal area. Hopefully this idea becomes more than just a patent and these features would greatly improve battery life.

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