Microsoft: File History in Windows 8 helps keep your personal files safe from data loss

In an Extreme Windows blog post, Microsoft highlights a new feature in Windows 8 called File History. While many Windows 8 users may already know about this new feature since the operating system has been in the market for nearly two months now, some new users may have never heard about it. So whats all the hype about?

“File History is a new feature in Windows 8 that helps to ensure that your personal files are safe. In addition to being a backup solution, File History also provides the capability to restore multiple backup copies (versions) of your files,” Microsoft stated in an official blog post. For those that dont know, File History in Windows 8 protects some or all files stored in your libraries. Users can even add folders into the libraries easily within Windows 8 and it automatically checks your files whenever you want and makes backups of those files when a change is detected. File History in Windows 8 supports BitLocker and backup from/to a Storage Space. You can even exclude certain folders as well as restore backed up files with ease.

So how do you get File History working in Windows 8? Simply hit Win Key + W and search for File History. From there, select File History and once you see the File History window open, simply hit the button that says “turn on.” If you haven’t toyed around with this awesome new feature in Windows 8, give it a shot!

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