Microsoft feels ‘really good’ about what the Xbox One has become

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Xbox One

Microsoft’s new Xbox One entertainment console has stirred up a roar with consumers as of late, which eventually resulted in a policy change for the new console set for release in November of this year. However, Microsoft “feels really good” about what the Xbox One is.

Now that Microsoft has made major changes to the Xbox One “always online” requirement and DRM policy, the software giant is happy with what the Xbox One has become. “We feel really good, frankly, about what Xbox One is,” Microsoft’s Marc Whitten stated in a recent interview.

When asked about the removal of the Family Sharing feature for the Xbox One, Whitten answered the question by stating, “Could I better share my content with my family? What are some cool things you could do with a really, really rich online experience and marketplace? You’re going to see us do a lot of that.” This answer doesn’t even answer the question about why the Family Sharing feature was removed, but perhaps it will return in the future?

“We heard a lot of feedback, and we heard a lot of what people really, really liked about Xbox One. They liked the games, they liked the platform vision,” Whitten adds. Microsoft responded to the critics and was flexible with policy changes in which Whitten adds took “a lot of work” on Microsoft’s part to make happen.

“But, frankly, they wanted more choice in whether they could play their physical disc like they do today, and if they could use their console if they couldn’t connect to the internet. If they’re on vacation, somewhere with low connectivity…Our platform is still built on that same digital, connected experience,” Whitten further explains.

The Xbox One will be available for purchase in November of this year for $499.

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