Microsoft eyes partnership with Firefox to make Bing its primary search engine

Priya Walia

Microsoft Bing Sydney

The New Bing has gained considerable coverage in the media and elicited curiosity from the general populace, albeit so far there seems to be no notable growth in its search engine market share. However, one possible route for Bing to increase its market share could be by becoming the default search engine for the Firefox web browser. As per a report by The Information, Microsoft is currently vying to secure the Firefox contract, which is slated to be renewed this year.

According to sources with first-hand knowledge, as stated in the report, leaders at Bing have expressed their desire to secure the contract with Firefox. Presently, Mozilla, the proprietor of Firefox, receives a percentage of the advertising revenue generated by Google.

However, as per The Information, Microsoft’s earnings per advertisement are lesser in comparison. Consequently, if Microsoft and Mozilla proceed with a deal, they may have to modify it from the current arrangement that Mozilla has with Google.

The report brings to light another promising opportunity for Microsoft to promote Bing, should the company choose to take a more intentional approach. With Apple’s Safari browser scheduled to terminate its contract with Google next year, Microsoft could explore the possibility of leveraging this window to establish Bing as the primary browser on iPhones.

Despite Google’s significant presence in the market, this move could potentially foster greater competition and drive innovation in the tech industry. Microsoft could potentially benefit financially and, in turn, Mozilla could also see gains, if their partnership with Firefox leads to a slight boost in market share.

The company has been striving to expand its user base by continuously advancing and updating its AI-based chatbot since its launch. Responding to a longstanding user request, a feature to save chat history while utilizing Bing Chat has been made available.

Via Android Police