Microsoft extends support for Windows Vista and Windows 7


Microsoft has revised its support life-cycle for the company’s consumer versions of Windows Vista and Windows 7, a new report states. Now, the operating systems quietly receive a full ten years of support, regardless of edition.

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In a new report by ZDNET, the support life-cycle for Windows Vista and Windows 7 has been revised by Microsoft so that the operating systems qualify for extended support as well. “If you go to the Support Lifecycle home page and search for a product family, you get new results for Windows Vista and Windows 7 that include Extended Support end dates for consumer versions of both products,” the report states.

Support for Windows Vista ends 4/11/2017 and support for Windows 7 ends 1/14/2020. This pretty much gives both operating systems a full ten years of support. For those still on Windows XP, support ends 4/8/2014.