Windows 8 Developer Preview life extended by 10 months

Email Twitter: @ronwinbeta Feb 18th, 2012 inNews

A new update released by Microsoft has extended the deadline time for the Windows 8 Developer Preview (Client and Server Editions) until January 15, 2013. Why Microsoft done this is currently currently unknown.

Microsoft has released an update that extends the life of the Windows 8 developer preview by about 10 months. Why Microsoft is doing this is unknown to many since they expire after the expected beta release date of February 29th.

According to the article, “the expiration date for Windows 8 Developer Preview is set to March 11, 2012, and the expiration date for Windows 8 Server Developer Preview is set to April 8, 2012. After you install this update, both expiration dates are postponed to January 15, 2013.”

The developer preview is quite old and outdated so I doubt anyone would still be using it after the release of the beta. Most of the API’s in the web applications are old and no longer working (such as Socialite.) The Windows 8 beta will be released later this month.

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