Microsoft extends free Windows 8 Pro QuickStart offer with 1,000 more kits, more to come later

Windows 8

Recently, Microsoft attempted to woo Mac developers away from Apple’s operating system and shift them towards Microsoft’s Windows platform with a new campaign. Microsoft was offering Mac developers a QuickStart kit that comes with Windows 8 Pro and Parallels Desktop 8. Unfortunately, that kit sold out almost immediately.

But have no fear! Microsoft has extended this QuickStart offer with 1,000 more kits! “To celebrate the opportunities for startups on Windows 8, we’re extending our initial QuickStart offer with 10,000 more Windows 8 QuickStart Kits for app builders to get access to the tools they need to bring their app to Windows,” Microsoft added.

Microsoft is offering 1,000 Windows 8 QuickStart Kits online today, but dont worry if its already sold out. Microsoft is planning on offering an additional 10,000 kits at various app builder events throughout the year.

To get the Windows 8 QuickStart Kit, go to, to answer a few questions, pass a puzzle, and donate $25 to, Khan Academy, or

The free version of Windows that will be included is Windows 8 Pro, which can be installed on Bootcamp. For those of you who do not know what Bootcamp is, it’s a Mac utility that lets you install Windows on your Mac. The OEM version of Windows 8 currently sells for around $140.

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