Microsoft explains what’s going on with 2D and 3D emoji

Arif Bacchus

There’s yet another Windows 11 controversy. After shipping out the new emoji to all Windows 11 users, Microsoft has now explained a bit about the design choices that have led to some confusion and distrust, and the lack of 3D emoji as first teased for the new operating system (via Windows Central.)

According to what Microsoft told Windows Central as they admitted that “the company lacked clarity about where the 3D emoji’s would actually be showing up,” 3D emoji will only appear in apps that support them, but won’t be coming to Windows 11 natively. That means Teams and Skype should see 3D emoji, but the rest of Windows 11 will have 2D emoji only by default. The company also told Windows Central there are no plans to bring the updated emoji to Windows 10, either.

This is not the first time that Microsoft has made a move like this when it comes to Windows 11. It also wasn’t quite transparent when it came to minimum system requirements for the new operating system, and had to backtrack a bit after some initial outrage. At any rate, it is nice to see the company come out and explain its decision, but it would have been better to see this explanation from the start.