Microsoft explains the 'secret sauce' behind Bing's NFL predictions

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Placing bets tends to be risky, but only if you can’t see the future. With the 2015 NFL season underway, Fantasy football and all matter of betting and predictions are in full-steam. For the betting type, Bing may be your best bet at looking into the future.
The predictions site for Bing is run by Principal Dev Manager Walter Sun and his eight-employee team at Microsoft. Bing’s ability to predict events runs the gambit from sports; reality TV shows to even political elections. Although not perfect, Bing has had a pretty good track record including the accurate predictions for the entire 2014 woman’s World Cup. Other successful predictions include weekly winners from the 13th season of American Idol, and 67% of all NFL games of 2014. Bing even predicted a Patriots Super Bowl upset win last year. But how do they get it right?
Bing creates its predictions with a two step-process. The first part of the process is analyzing large amounts of data. With the NFL and other sports, for instance, Bing evaluates a team’s historical records and their margins of victories with machine learning. Bing looks at stats such as yards per run for each NFL team, passing yards, penalties, etc. Bing also takes into consideration extraneous data like, how teams play under different weather conditions, how key players are performing, and team injuries.
For the second part of Bing’s predictive process, it analyzes social media. As the second largest search engine in the US, Bing has access to countless queries about sports teams, players, political candidates, contestants on game shows and so forth. This information is utilized to determine what the majority thinks the outcome will be in correlation to what historical data shows.
Over all, Bing’s predictions are fairly accurate, or as accurate as such as system can be. Taking a look at the Bing predicts webpage may give a glimpse info the future.

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